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Good Morning!


I hope you are doing well and having a great week!

 You may not know, but I serve on the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC as an Ambassador and as Small Business Advisory Council.  Inside this Council I am a part of a taskforce working to try to identify areas of need in our local small business community.  Our goal in capturing this information is to direct our Council’s efforts to better support local small businesses especially in this current business climate we find ourselves in. 

 The reason I am messaging you on this, is our taskforce has created a very short survey, which I am hoping you would consider completing.  The survey should only take a couple of minutes.  We are hoping to compile actionable data over the next few weeks to be able to work to address local small business concerns before the end of the year.

 Here is the link to the survey:


Thank you and have a great QIV-2020.
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